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ELECTRI injection Express

fast and natural restoration of skin`s color, elasticity, firmness, and radiance without a recovery period just with the help of one procedure

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Procedure Duration, minutes Price, UAH
Injection express ELECTRI 1,5 ml 60

ELECTRI injection Express

Injection express is just one wave of a magic stick and you are young and beautiful again. In other words, this is one injection procedure, which gives the result of a whole range of skin care manipulations. Injection marks disappear in an hour, that allows to lead a normal way of life almost immediately after the procedure. It is aimed at solving the problem of a "tired face" 

Causes of a tired face:

- chronic fatigue

- depression

- diseases

- climate change (seasons)

- stress

Properties of injection Express Electri:

- compensates for the shortage of water;

- restores the energy balance;

- restores the natural physiological barrier that protects the skin against harmful environmental influences and free radicals.

- slows down skin aging;

- accelerates skin regeneration after sun insolation or aggressive cosmetic procedures read more

Indications :

- deterioration of skin turgor

- unhealthy color and uneven skin tone

- pigmentation

- wrinkles

The main areas displaying problems of a tired face:

- forehead

- periorbital area (around the eyes)

- chin

- cheeks

Injection Express ELECTRI is rapid recovery of natural color, elasticity, firmness and radiance of skin for patients of any age without a recovery period just after a single procedure.

The simple procedure will help you restore healthy complexion, skin tone, give your appearance freshness and vivacity. Electri is a little secret of your perfect skin.

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