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The latest non-surgical procedure aimed at rejuvenation and modeling of face and body using mesothreads

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Procedure Duration, minutes Price, UAH
Mesothread installation Aptos Nano Vitis 7 №5 units 60
Mesothread installation  Aptos Excellence №10 units 60


Threadlifting is a unique thread installation technique (meso threads) of totally safe resorbable material, which allows to model the tissues in all directions. The result is immediately visible after the procedure. In addition, threadlifting has a stimulating effect - it increases the collagen natural production.

The advantages of the procedure

● durable effect of youth and beauty

● result lasts up to 2 years;

● excellent immediate effect;

● fast rehabilitation;

● minimum of side effects and pain ;

● can be combined with other cosmetic procedures read more

Face, neck and décolleté

Lifting with threads (threadlifting) allows:

• the face look 4-5 years younger;

• elimination of mimic and age-related facial wrinkles;

• modeling of face contour;

• elimination of the sagging cheeks;

• getting rid of the nasolabial folds.


Effective lifting of seperate body areas can be also performed with meso threads:

• neckline lifting;

• waist correction;

• lifting of abdominal skin weakened after the childbirth or after liposuction

• lifting of buttocks and thighs;

• elimination of flabbiness of the skin of hands and knees area.

Thread lifting and other methods

Meso threads injections are successfully combined with other cosmetic procedures and some rejuvenation techniques. Thread lifting and fillers combination in contour plastic makes aesthetic facial correction more effective. Meso threads solve the problem in the medium and deep layers of tissues and fillers remove insignificant superficial skin relief changes.

Recommendations after the procedure

The rehabilitation period after the procedure lasts 3-4 days.

It is recommended during the first 2 weeks:

• limit mimic activity and phisical exercise;

• avoid sharp temperature difference (bath, sauna, solarium);

•  no sunbathing;

• no massage.

General contraindications:

● pregnancy and lactation;

● poor blood clotting;

● diabetes;

● chronic and acute purulent diseases.

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